Did you say "Parasympathetic" ...


Combine reflexology with essential oil application

and you will get even greater benefits!

Although Reflexology is very effective in reducing stress, by itself, by putting the client into a state of “parasympathetic” mode of the nervous system - known as the state of relaxation - it can be complementary and beneficial to add an Aromatherapy touch to a Reflexology treatment. By doing so you will increase the body’s ability to re-balance its self-healing potential even more.

It is obvious that reflexes do NOT allow to transport any substance, essential oil from a specific point or zone of the foot to its corresponding organ or body part!

Nevertheless, I believe that Essential Oils act faster and more efficiently when applied accurately on the feet.

One of the benefits of foot reflexology is to increase blood circulation. The sole of the foot is one of the most vascularized regions in the human body which allows essential oils to be absorbed more quickly passing through layers of skin, into the capillaries and into the bloodstream, releasing their benefits into the body.

There are many other factors that affect the absorption of essential oils molecules. One noticeable is that the soles of the feet are, with the palms of the hands, the only part of the body devoid of sebaceous glands, thus making them a conducive place to the absorption of the essential oils.

In a two day MasterClass, I propose you to get familiar with the use of essential oils, the topical application of specific synergies in addition to reflexology protocols, in order to amplify, support the stimulation of the reflex zones as well as their action on the concerned ailments.