Gemstones Reflexology


Dating back at least 6 000 years, to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia, stones, crystals, and gems have been assigned various properties and people used to adorn themselves with crystals to ward off illness and negative energy.

Bronzite, for example, is believed to eases stress, warms the extremities, helps with digestion, Jade when placed near the heart chakra encourages unconditional Love and helps with bladder and kidney problems and Clear Crystal Quartz provides mental clarity and is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals... The visible spectrum colors, from Red through Violet, are associated with the seven chakras on the body. Generally Red makes active, Blue calms and Green balances.

The spectrum of crystals applications and actions on human overall health is interacting with the goals of reflexology work. Therefore it is quite natural that these two holistic approach pair into one so-called Gemstones Reflexology.

Gemstones Reflexology is using the energetic qualities of a particular crystal in a reflexology session using either the rounded or pointed end of the wand to soothe, relax, harmonize or energize a particular part of a person's body as well as its energetic field.

Stimulating reflex zones and massaging with crystal wands has several immediate advantages.

A significant one is that using a Crystal wand will alleviate some of the stress and strain we put on our thumbs and fingers.

Unlike the wooden stick used in Thai reflexology, the energetic qualities of the crystals wands will amplify the work of the reflexologist, before, during and after a session.

And ultimately, the crystalline energy of the crystals will allow you to tailor reflexology effectively to the specific needs and sensibility of your clients. 

I propose a two-day course implementing some foot reflexology techniques paired with the use of crystals wands. Do not hesitate to contact me to join the next training.