...That's why I'm here!


After days browsing online, I decided that Nathalie’s courses would be the best ones among the several you can find in Ubud.

I took three courses with Nathalie:

- Thai reflexology – A very complex, though easy-to-learn craft. Nathalie really helps you to understand and master the techniques. In this two-day course, Nathalie makes you practice a lot, and she’s always there to give you very useful advice.

- Balinese massage – This four-day course is very popular at Nathalie’s school. I had the pleasure to take it with three “classmates”, all of them from different countries, cultures, perspectives, and expectations, and Nathalie proved to be an excellent coach as well. As a former teacher and school coordinator, I was very pleased to witness Nathalie as she made everyone confident and focused, and at the same time, relaxed and pleased.

- Pendulum dowsing – This course took only two mornings, but Nathalie managed to teach so many things, not only about the subject but also about life, that I labeled this “the best course I’ve had in my life”. She taught me and another student how to use the pendulum for many purposes, but above all, she taught us that the pendulum Is just an extension of our mind/consciousness, and that was the beginning of her “life lessons” – my favorite one is her view about karma!

Nathalie provides a comprehensive coursebook for all courses, and she uses props that really help you learn/understand concepts, techniques, and secrets.

However, what really stands out in Nathalie’s courses is her character: Nathalie is almost the opposite of what we expect from a “guru”: she’s radiant, funny, witty, and very innovative. She gives students room to express their opinions, and she respects every student’s background and preferences. I really learned a lot about life and happiness with her, and I must say that money wouldn’t buy half of what she taught me during the 10 days I spent with her.

-Makoto Yamamoto